• Testing & Assessment

  • Discuss scheduling based on your team's pre-season, practice, competition, and holiday schedule.



Program Design​ & Implementation

  • Design and plan implementation of a unique sport-specific program based on the testing results.
  • ​Begin training and watch the results!



  • Determine weekly training frequency and duration based on your team's schedule.

  • Set goals for the entire macrocycle, each mesocycle, and each microcycle

Off-season teams are tested, assessed and have a multi-phase program designed specifically for them and their sport. Early phases focus on foundational skill (re-) acquisition, base strength, speed mechanics, mobility/ movement development, and prehabilitative joint care to maximize each athlete's durability and injury resistance.. Later phases leading up to the start of the competitive season progress each athlete into sport-specific movement patterns, explosive power output, and maximal force production to ensure their readiness to win. In-season teams are afforded the same benefits however, once the season begins, FSP coaches' efforts shift towards maximizing their time on the field and minimizing man games lost due to preventable injuries. Despite the philosophical shift, there is still time to improve speed, agility, strength, and power without risking overtraining during the long season.

​Being former athletes themselves, FSP coaches know that training is imperative, but it's only part of the battle. Training and playing sports breaks down tissues in a way that forces the body to adapt to the stress and rebuild. However, the body can't rebuild if it's not receiving adequate rest and sleep. Adolescent bodies need more energy than anyone. The food they eat has to fuel neuromuscular growth due to athletics and training in addition to normal biological growth that all humans go through. Without adequate food intake, the body can't grow or repair properly. Lastly, water is a catalyst for just about every chemical reaction the body undergoes when moving, helps clear unwanted waste, and acts as a coolant to prevent overheating. Inadequate hydration prevents proper recovery and decreases muscle function when you need it the most. That's why each FSP coach promotes smart recovery, nutrition, and hydration strategies. Teams will also have the opportunity to communicate directly with professional collegiate recruiters. Our affiliation with Eagle Eye Sports gives our elite players the ability to receive academic counseling, standardized test preparation services, and specialized recruitment from a firm with an outstanding college placement record.​




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Team rates vary and are dependent on length of contract, need for scheduling flexibility, weekly training frequency, duration of sessions, and roster size.

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FSP Team Training is the missing link for your team as you prepare for competition this season and next. FSP's degreed and certified strength and conditioning coaches are battle-tested and accomplished ex-athletes that know what it takes to win now as well as build for a prominent future. Teams that train with FSP learn cutting-edge speed and agility mechanics, develop advanced force production and power output, and most importantly, build durability to outlast the competition. Training with FSP is vital to long-term athletic success and essential in your pursuit of a championship season.