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  • Explosive lower-body power for faster starts and less time spent on the wall.

  • Core strength and stability for more efficient movement.

  • Scapular mobility and stability to stave off overuse injuries.

  • ​Lat strength for more forceful strokes.



With change-of-direction only occurring at the wall, swimming as a sport of repetition and rhythm. With that repetition comes the need for consistency and efficiency. That's where FSP comes in. Our degreed and certified strength and conditioning coaches will assist you in developing core strength and stability necessary to stave off fatigue and get the most out of each stroke while simultaneously preventing overuse injuries with tactical shoulder care.

FSP swimmers train muscles and movements that correlate to on-field performance as well as the muscle groups that aren't actively used quite as often. We refer to it as the gas pedal vs. the brake pedal. Athletes with a strong gas pedal perform. Athletes with a strong brake pedal resist injury. FSP swimmers have both.

Swimmers that register for one of our sports performance programs will be able to train seamlessly alongside athletes from all sports, building their personal athletic profile while simultaneously broadening their athletic scope.