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Whether it's  correcting posture, improving walking/ running gait, or training for highly specific goals, our coaches are ready to assist you in getting the most our of your personal fitness program. All potential personal training clientele receive a complimentary consultation by signing up for our email newsletter. You'll interview with one of our degreed and certified strength & conditioning coaches to discuss the specifics of your health-, fitness-, and/or athletics-related goals and determine a plan and schedule that work specifically for you. While working with an FSP coach, you'll receive weekly nutritional counseling, undergo periodic testing & assessment, and be taught the proper process to succeed in your development.


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No two people are alike. Between anatomical structure, muscular composition, and endocrinology, individuals can vary widely in their fitness needs. While we at FSP pride ourselves on our coaches' abilities to deliver top-quality training in a group environment, we also understand that some desire and/or require extra attention. FSP offers individualized personal training sessions at our facility in Roswell geared toward your unique make-up.

  • Recommended sessions per week will vary depending on your goals.
  • A minimum of 2 in-person sessions per week is recommended to achieve best results, regardless of your previous experience.
  • ​Small private group training options are available..
  • Flexible membership packages are available. Contact FSP today to see what will work best for you!