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Premier Athlete Development Program sessions run Monday through Saturday. Because FSP Coaches understand the need for rest to repair and rebuild, athletes select up to 4 of our 6 weekly sessions to train. 

Session roster sizes are limited. Contact us today to find out how you can take your game to greater heights!


Offered in the summer months, the Premier Athlete Development Program is the next step in sports performance training for serious competitive athletes in Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, and more. The PADP offers cutting-edge speed and agility training and advanced strength, and power development. Reserved for collegiate athletes, high school upperclassmen, and exceptional underclassmen needing a greater challenge, this program is essential for your pursuit of the next level. Whether you're building for a championship season, preparing for a combine, chasing a scholarship, or working to make the varsity team, the PADP is the sports performance training program for you. 

Once athletes begin to specialize in a single sport, there is a greater need to train and build injury resistance specifically for that sport. PADP athletes build specificity on strong athletic foundations to gain explosive multi-direction speed and bone-crushing strength no matter what sport they play.

PADP athletes work with professional degreed and certified strength and conditioning coaches, equipped to offer elite speed and agility training and weightlifting instruction in a more exclusive atmosphere designed specifically for them. Corrective/ Injury-preventative exercise is prescribed to eliminate inefficient energy expenditure, correct muscle imbalances, and increase joint durability to keep them in the game longer. Our athlete-centered approach allows each PADP athlete to receive individualized attention within a group setting, making the PADP the ideal sports performance training program for athletes in the Roswell/ Alpharetta/ Milton area.

PADP athletes will also have the opportunity to communicate directly with professional collegiate recruiters. Our affiliation with Eagle Eye Sports gives our elite players the ability to receive academic counseling, standardized test-preparation services, and specialized recruitment from a firm with an outstanding college placement record. 


11240 Alpharetta Hwy, #400, Roswell, GA 30076            (470) 545-3586