• Explosive extension to build a better first three steps and maximize top-end skating speed

  • Rotational power to develop a harder shot.

  • ​Coordination coupled with quicker feet to improve on-ice evasiveness.

  • ​Muscular balance, mobility, joint stability, and flexibility to better resist contact- and non-contact related injuries.

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Hockey is an incredibly unique sport involving a high amount of specificity. It's vast array of skills and movements don't often translate into success at any other athletic event. Because of the speed and physical nature of the sport, the need to become bigger, stronger, and faster becomes an absolute necessity for performance and the prevention of injury. What we're finding--even at the professional level--is that many players are getting injured, not because they aren't trained... but because they never developed a strong athletic foundation. This arises from playing hockey year-round, not playing multiple sports, disregard for balanced strength and conditioning, or some combination of all of these. Regardless of the position you play, it won't matter how good you are if you're on the injured list. That's where FSP comes in. We're here to help you become the best, most durable hockey player you can be!


FSP hockey players train muscles and movements that correlate to on-ice performance as well as the muscle groups that aren't actively used quite as often. We refer to it as the gas pedal vs. the brake pedal. Athletes with a strong gas pedal perform. Athletes with a strong brake pedal resist injury. FSP hockey players have both.

Hockey players that register for one of our sports performance programs will be able to train seamlessly alongside athletes from all sports, building their personal athletic profile while simultaneously broadening their athletic scope.