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Golf is an incredibly specific and technical game. While the movements seem repetitive, each club requires a different swing and unique timing with regards to the various muscle and joints that fire in varying speeds and sequences. That's why core stability and mobility are crucial to long term success on the links. A strong posterior chain will be an integral part of extending your career. Tiger Woods broke the mold with how we look at the quintessential golfer. Having a strong and athletic foundation, enables you to drive balls further while developing the grace and agility to improve the flow of your game and shave strokes off your day.


  • Explosive rotational unilateral hip extension for longer drives.

  • Agility and coordination to develop and improve the fluidity and rhythm of each stroke.

  • Pulvolumbar mobility and stability to stave off overuse injuries.

  • Improved strength for better club control.


FSP golfers train muscles and movements that correlate to  performance on the links as well as the muscle groups that aren't actively used quite as often. We refer to it as the gas pedal vs. the brake pedal. Athletes with a strong gas pedal perform. Athletes with a strong brake pedal resist injury. FSP golfers have both.

Golfers that register for one of our sports performance programs will be able to train seamlessly alongside athletes from all sports, building their personal athletic profile while simultaneously broadening their athletic scope.