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Life comes at you hard. Once you're out of college and in the workforce, it gets harder and harder to take proper care of your body. You might even get a little winded walking up the stairs. FSP trainers and coaches are here to help you get your body back or assist you in improving fitness levels you may have already achieved on your own. Within weeks of your first session, you'll feel markedly better. Within months, you'll see the difference in the mirror. 

FSP fitness clientele train muscles and movements that correlate to on-field performance as well as the muscle groups that aren't actively used quite as often. We refer to it as the gas pedal vs. the brake pedal. People with a strong gas pedal perform. People with a strong brake pedal resist injury. FSP clients have both.

Whether you register for one of our group programs or decide on 1-on-1 training, FSP's degreed and certified trainers are here to help you build an improved quality of life.

  • Functional strength, speed, and agility.

  • Coordination in all planes of movement.

  • Core strength and stability.

  • Body composition, resting heart rate, aerobic/ anaerobic fitness, and overall health.