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It absolutely is and they SHOULD. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding young athletes and resistance training. Truthfully, external load can often produce less stress on the joints than bodyweight. We can manipulate external load. They can't shed bodyweight to finish a set. Adding external load when appropriate will improve bone growth and promote stronger joint... not the other way around! Long story short, young athletes can lift as early as they're cognitively aware of their bodies and mature enough to follow instruction from degreed and certified professionals.

Weightlifting, powerlifting, and resistance training are not in and of themselves sole determinants of muscle mass. While they are certainly large contributers, nutrition, gender, endocrinology, and age all play vital roles in muscle hypertrophy.

All things being equal, females CANNOT gain muscle at the same rate or build it to the same effect as their male counterparts... it's just not in the DNA. Futhermore, FSP athletes don't train like bodybuilders. they train like athletes. Muscle growth is to be expected but certainly don't believe for a second that you'll be "swole!" You'll be an awful lot stronger than you look.

In order to become a coach, instructor, or trainer at FSP, candidates must have completed a minimum of a four-year degree in an exercise science-related field at an accreditted college or university.

In addition to these requirements, candidates must hold and maintain accreditted certifications provided by a leading certification provider such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American College of Sports Medicine, or the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

By maintaining these high standards for our coaches, trainers, and instructors, we are able to maintain our lofty standards for your training and programming and provide you with consistently elite instruction every single workout.

Packages. Packages are one-time purchases that may be renewed but do not do so automatically. This is done so that athletes in particular can change packages once their current contract expires if their athletic season dictates it.

Memberships. Operate similarly to packages but renew automatically with the expiration of the previous billing cycle.

Fixed-Schedule Packages (e.g.EADP 4x4) offer preferential pricing to our clientele that can adhere to a fixed schedule. That means the athlete attends the same times/days weekly with no variance or deviation. The only exceptions are for athletic/academic events and major illness/injury. Athletic/academic events include games, re-scheduled practices, spelling bees etc... not homework or detention. Major illnesses/injuries include the flue, strep, broken bones, etc... not a cold, allergies, mild sprains, or bruises. Make-up sessions are not guaranteed and are left to the discretion of FSP staff. Any make-up sessions allotted by an FSP staff member must be scheduled and used prior to the expiration of the contract.

Flex Packages (e.g. EADP 4x4 Flex) offer flexibility in scheduling for clientele who know they can attend x sessions weekly but require varying days and times due to a fluxuating personal/ professional/ athletic schedule. Clients on an EADP 4x4 Flex package can consider themselves to be on a 4-session/ week punch card and are allowed to attend any session day/time in the program in which they're enrolled. However, missed workouts do not roll over to the next week. Because of the already flexible nature of the Flex packages, no make-up sessions are given to athletes/clients on these contracts unless significant time will be missed due to the major injuries and illnesses outlined above.

Punch Cards (e.g. EADP Punch Card 10) are our most flexible option for clients, particularly those who are unsure they will be able to attend at least 2 sessions weekly. At provides the athlete with x sessions to be used within a certain amount of time dictated by the card purchased. For example, our EADP Punch Card 10 gives athletes 10 workouts to be used within 90 days. once the card has expired, unused/missed sessions do not roll over to the next card/ contract.

It is important to note that all options listed above are contracts. Life gets hard and schedules can change. FSP staff members are willing to work with you as much as we can provided you let us know when you've purchased the card/ contract. We can place holds on your contract if you anticipate a busy schedule. However, FSP does not provide refunds for unused sessions or cancelled contracts.

There's bound to be some questions... we've got your answers. Check the FAQ below to see if we've already answered it. If not, contact us immediately so we can get you rolling!