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There is something at FSP for everyone! Our Athlete Development Programs are for athletes ranging from elementary school to the professional level. Additionally, our Fitness Bootcamp and Adult Athlete Programs give busy professionals a wide array of options to meet their fitness goals.

FSP is confident in our coaching staff's ability to deliver a high quality experience to groups, both small and large, and still provide individual attention to each participant. Because of our staff's experience and qualifications, FSP is able to offer a service comparable to personal training in a group setting for a fraction of the price! However, if you need specific attention, please consult with one of our coaches to discuss 1-on-1 or small group training during non-class hours.

Not quite. While the inclusiveness, camaraderie, and group training aspects of FSP may resemble CrossFit at first, we strive for specificity within the group. Each exercise within the workout is tailored to your specific needs as an individual. FSP athletes begin our programs in a general strength and conditioning phase but graduate over time to sport-specific training. We believe that if you don't specify at something, you can't become elite at it. Additionally, our coaches are experienced, degreed, and certified.

It means that in order to become a coach at FSP, candidates must have completed a minimum of a four-year degree from an accredited college or university in an exercise science-related field.

In addition to these requirements, candidates must also hold and maintain one of the main accredited certifications provided by either the National Strength & Conditioning Association or the American College of Sports Medicine--widely-regarded as the gold standard certifications in the fields of Strength & Conditioning and Health & Fitness.

By maintaining these standards for our coaches, we are able to maintain our standards for your training by providing you with consistently elite coaching each and every workout.

All participants must come dressed in proper footwear and attire suited to train hard. Athletes must wear T-shirts and shorts, Tanks may be permitted if compression gear is worn underneath. Bootcampers may wear T-shirts, and shorts. Tanks are permissible provided that they are not cut-off or bodybuilding-style tanks. You should also bring a water bottle so you can stay hydrated.

Remember! Bring an extra pair of shoes with you. We strive to keep our training floor sanitary and clean. No street shoes will be allowed on the training floor.

  1. Safety. Proper footwear is required in order to alleviate stress on your joints. Sleeves are required of EADP athletes in order to minimize any abrasions that might occur when performing complicated lifts such as front squats, cleans, or split jerks where the bar must rest on the shoulders.
  2. Professionalism. FSP coaches strive every day to be better professionals in our field. We are not a garage gym and wish for our atmosphere to reflect that.

  3. Respect. This ties into the previous point about professionalism. Respect for a fellow Bootcamper or athlete can go a long way in building camaraderie with your peers. Remember, some people may not be as comfortable in their own skin as you are and may feel excluded from a workout as a result.

  4. Hygiene. wearing appropriate clothing reduces the amount of your sweat one of your fellow Bootcampers or athletes come in contact with. Furthermore, by reducing the amount of germs in the PTC, we reduce the risk of disease so fewer people miss workouts due to illness!

Of course it is. There is a lot of misinformation these days about fitness and strength and conditioning that stems from what scientists believed 40 years ago. We hear it all the time, from "stunted growth plates" to increased risk of injury.

The fact remains that kids CAN lift weights when under the supervision of professional strength and conditioning coaches. In fact, Children as young as 7 years old have been able to participate in resistance training programs. The biggest pre-requisites are that the young athlete be moderately coordinated and have the atention span to adhere to professional instruction.

Weightlifting isn't the sole determinant of muscle mass. While it is the biggest contributor, nutrition, gender, endocrinology (hormones), and age play a vital role in building muscle hypertrophy (size/mass).

All things being equal, females CANNOT gain muscle at the same rate as their male counterparts after puberty. It's just not in the DNA.

Furthermore, FSP Athletes and Bootcampers don't train like bodybuilders (many of whom require extra "assistance" to reach their massive proportions). FSP Athletes and Bootcampers train for competition and health/ fitness respectively. Our clients are much stronger than they look... not the other way around!

Standard Packages (e.g.EADP 4x4) offer preferential pricing to our clientele that can adhere to a fixed schedule. That means the athlete attends the same times/days weekly with no variance or deviation. The only exceptions are for athletic/academic events and major illness/injury. Athletic/academic events include games, re-scheduled practices, spelling bees etc... not homework or detention. Major illnesses/injuries include the flue, strep, broken bones, sprains, etc... not a cold, allergies, or bruises. Make-up sessions are not guaranteed and are up to the discretion of FSP staff. Any make-up sessions allotted by an FSP staff member must be scheduled and used prior to the expiration of the contract.

Flex Packages (e.g. EADP 4x4 Flex)offer flexibility in scheduling for clientele who know they can attend x sessions weekly but require varying days and times due to a fluxuating personal/athletic schedule. Clients on a 4x2 Flex package can consider themselves to be on a 2-session/ week punch card and are allowed to attend any session day/time in that program. However, missed workouts do not roll over to the next week. Because of the already flexible nature of the Flex packages, no make-up sessions are given to athletes/clients on these contracts unless significant time will be missed due to the major injuries and illnesses outlined above.

Punch Cards (e.g. EADP Punch Card 10) are our most flexible option for clients, particularly those who are unsure they will be able to attend at least 2 sessions weekly. At provides the athlete with x sessions to be used within a certain amount of time. For example, our EADP Punch Card 10 gives athletes 10 workouts to be used within 90 days. once the card has expired, unused/missed sessions do not roll over to the next card/ contract.

It is important to note that all options listed above are contracts. FSP staff members are willing to work with you as much as we can. Life gets hard and schedules can change. We can place holds on your contract if you anticipate a busy schedule. However, FSP does not provide refunds for unused sessions or cancelled contracts.