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FSP basketball players train muscles and movements that correlate to on-court performance as well as the muscle groups that aren't actively used quite as often. We refer to it as the gas pedal vs. the brake pedal. Athletes with a strong gas pedal perform. Athletes with a strong brake pedal resist injury. FSP basketball players have both.

Basketball players that register for one of our sports performance programs will be able to train seamlessly alongside athletes from all sports, building their personal athletic profile while simultaneously broadening their athletic scope.

  • Explosive 1st-step quickness to improve deception and gain position to make plays.

  • A lofty vertical jump to come over the top of defenders.

  • ​Reduction in knee valgus, particularly when jumping and landing, to reduce instance of injury.

  • Improved strength for better ball control, increased economy of movement, and playmaking ability when the game gets physical.


Most people can get "fit" simply by practicing and playing. However, fitness alone doesn't win games. While basketball is a game that requires tremendous aerobic capacity if you want to run the court, the best players are the ones who can out-jump, out-sprint, out-maneuver, and out-shoot their competition all season long. Dedicated strength and conditioning is the missing link between a short career and a long career. The players that improve their multi-directional speed, strength, and quickness win championships. The players that improve their durability win them year after year. After all, you can't lead your team to victory if you can't stay on the court! This is where FSP comes in: